Studies in Nepal

Shamanistic Studies & Research Centre was founded in 1988 by Mohan L. Rai with the purpose of bringing western students together with Himalayan shamans, both to preserve this priceless ancient knowledge and to bring the practice and healing techniques to the western world.

Students from various parts of the world like USA, Europe, Canada and Australia including Psychiatrists, Medical doctors, Psychologists and even one Lawyer have attended the school and brought their knowledge home for use in their own healing work. Healings of physical and emotional problems and even of whole lives have been affected among these students. An account of the experiences of one student, Ellen Winner, papers in “The Doubting Shaman” Shaman’s Drum Summer. 1993. pp. 24-31.

Shamans who teach at Shamanistic Studies & Research Centre are carefully selected from the Himalayan mountain tribes including Tamang, Rai, Sherpa, Gurung, and others, both for their reputations as experienced healers and for their ability to transmit their knowledge to foreign students.

Our Shamans are also chosen for their ability to non-verbally transmit the receptive states needed in students for possession by the shaman’s tutelary deity while maintaining the students in a state of spiritual protection.


Shamanic Healings

As a part of the introductory program, our shamans will demonstrate actual Healing techniques, Healing ceremonies. Of course participants and others are available by special arrangement.