I have founded this Institute with the following hopes and proposal:

  1. To save this beautiful old and unique ART from vanishing and very rapidly disappearing. As per my own experience for last 70 years, I am trying my level best to make people understand to learn about the Shamanic art and its importance for human being. I know very few amounts of people who have knowledge on Shamanism and its reality. This is because of the followings:
  • Because of insufficient information and teaching system
  • Domination of science and technology
  • Individual laws of individual government
  • Strong religious groups and countless cultures
  1. We all know that there are schools, colleges and university for all kinds of subjects but there is not one Institution for Shamanism. This is also a reason why this art has been forgotten and not legalized. This is because of the lack of popularity and advertisement as the other religions and cultures have or simply the people have never been informed or I can say the art has always been misinterpreted. Among the religious groups like Hinduism and Buddhism, the Dharma has been over flooded all over the world. Having their temples and Monasteries in several places preaching Om Namaha Shivaya and Om Mane Padme Hum…. But there is no any institute doing Om Ishor Mahadeva Gaura Parvati. This is Shamanic cosmos mantra. Therefore I have founded this Institute to teach on some cosmology and Mythology of the Dhami – Jhankri (Shamanism) in and out side of the country.
  2. I have been conducting and attending several Congresses and workshops in many different places and universities successfully since 12 years and mostly in Europe. I am very proud to announce with following information to all the people who believes and loves Shamanism (Traditional healings) system (Therapy):
  • Traditional Healing techniques
  • Trust on spirits such as Nature and the Mother Earth
  • Following the cosmic discipline, laws and the art
  1. Besides this, I am also planning to establish a Shamanism museum in Naikap, Kathmandu with various Shamanic unique and oldest traditional objects from different ethnic groups of Nepal / Himalaya. Since this Institute is quite well known among few people around the world and the idea was to take initiative towards saving the art from different angle and efforts. Thus I thought of an idea that it would be great to have a museum where anyone can visit to gain knowledge, idea and information of this art of Shamanism which in disappearing situation. Well for this I need some financial support; therefore this is call to help us with the donation for the project. As per the rough cost to build the museum would cost fortune of amount. Thus, your kind help will be greatly appreciated.

Therefore, I am praying to those who understand on oldest, unique and hidden art of Shamanism for support thorough the heart. It is very difficult to make people understand and it is not easy as people have the knowledge with Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions and philosophies as it has been left behind, people do not believe what Shamans and the alternate or traditional healers are and how important it is? And which is nearly disappearing from us. However, it is very important for us to save this antique art on the earth. I am confident that at the end this art will become so strong and helpful to the entire world. Science and technology has reached very far and rose to the sky and one can say it has no limit. But now the time has come that we all should look back to the roots and this will possible when we all come to the awareness and with full of understanding in the sense of Shamanic cosmology and having the knowledge of Mythology of this cosmic world physically and spiritually and with three keys: – Confidence, Believe, and trust as well as with honesty, Punctuality, and flexibility. How to bring this messages and information to all? So similarly, I am trying to bring awareness of this subject with my 70 years of experience being with this art. For sure I do not like to bring this artistic subjects over flowing as other subjects has done as this art of Shamanism cannot be compared with any religion and cultures at all.

Thus, I pray from the deepest part of my heart to contribute your heartiest donation enabling us to build the above mentioned museum.

Where to send the donations:

Konto Nr: 98 98 92 308
BLZ: 250 100 30