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Western students of the three-week introductory program observe ancient shamanic ceremonies in which the costumed shaman, aided by traditional drumbeats and dance, travel to seek the deities and sprits who assist in the healing work to be done. The rich cosmology of the Himalayan shamans fascinates scholars and healers alike. Sources of knowledge for divination, healing, soul retrieval and cutting the lines of ill fate are demonstrated and experienced. The course begins in the outskirts of beautiful Kathmandu valley and includes short excursions to shrines and to the nature for the outdoor experiences which are equally important like knowledge that students acquire here in this Institute (case subjected). The stay in this Institute includes trips and days out to the variety of towns such as Bhadgaun, Patan and the surroundings. This can be helpful to experience the diverse cultural groups within the valley of Kathmandu. Short trips to other culture areas focus on seeking encounters with local ethnic shamans.

Note: We arrange pilgrimage trek to places such as Kalinchok and other Shiva Shrines of Shamanic importance. We also arrange trekking and other adventure sports throughout Nepal with our associate agencies.

Festival in Nepal related to Himalayan Shamans –

  1. Full moon in May (ubhauli) sending the deities to Kailash.
  2. Full moon in August (janai purnima) pilgrimage to Shiva and Kali shrines such as in Kalinchok, Gosainkunda for 10 days, Haleshi mahadev for 10 days and similarly there are several shrines in Kathmandu valley.
  3. Full moon in November (dhanya purnima udhauli receiving the deities and offering day.
  4. Maghi purnima (fruits festival) which is call as makar shankranti.